Class Etiquette:

  “Classes vary in size and formality. But these general guidelines will make the experience pleasant for everyone. 

   1. Turn off cell phones. If you're expecting an important call, wear your phone on vibrate and leave the classroom to answer, or mute it and check frequently for missed calls. 

   2.  BEGINNERS make sure to stand in the middle of the room.  This allows you to watch others that know the dance

as we move around the room on new walls.  This is the not place to dance in the last row!

   2. If you know that an instructor is making a mistake, it's ok to speak up in my class!   Most instructors I know would rather be corrected than teach a dance incorrectly, but be nice, 

   3. If you want a specific spot in the classroom, get there early and stake it out. Just because you've been going to a class for years does not put a "reserved" sign on the floor. If you arrive late, go to the BACK OR SIDES rather than squeeze in next to your friends "where you always stand." It isn't fair to the people who got there first.

   5. Please do not wear strong scents to class. Guys, this applies to aftershave, too. Some people who are sensitive to odors can become headachy or sick, and may have to move or even leave the room.

   6. Chatter quietly in between dances and teaches, but stay alert so you know when your instructor is ready to resume the class.  We have tables and chairs in the back of the room if you want to visit and not dance, please don't stand and talk on the floor.

   7. If you don't like a dance, either sit down or think of it as exercise and just do it. We can't like them all, but it's distracting to fellow students to hear complaints. It's also disrespectful to the instructor, who may overhear and take negative comments about a dance as personal criticism, even if that was not your intention.

   Remember that your instructors put effort into preparing for classes, and that all the students are there to learn and socialize with friends or meet new ones. Be kind and respectful, and it will be contagious

Line Dance Party Etiquette


Never carry food or drink onto the dance floor.

Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor. Walk around the outside or wait for the dance to finish.

Never stand on the dance floor to talk. If music is playing leave the floor to chat.

Never start a different dance unless there is plenty of room and you sense that it is acceptable.

Never hog the floor space to 'perform'. If the floor is full take small steps and watch for collisions.

Never stop in the middle of a dance to teach as you will be in the way. Go off the floor to teach.

Never let your feet, knees, arms or elbows become dangerous weapons  on the dance floor.


Always listen to the DJ. It is customary for the DJ to designate the dance and to count in.

Always encourage and support beginners. It only takes a few kind words to make a new friend.

Always go to the front when starting off a dance. Others can then line up behind you.

Always be gracious and apologize when caught in a 'bump' even if it was not your fault.

Always replace any drinks you accidentally knock over and be sure to say sorry.

Always leave the outside edge of the dance floor clear for partner and couple dancers.

Always give way to dancers around the outside edge of the floor.

Always dance with the 'flow'. The line of dance is anti-clockwise.

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