Dancing Through-out NW Indiana

Kickin It with Linda 

About Line Dancing

Line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps which a group of people dance in lines or rows all facing the same direction and all dancing the same steps at the same time.

There are lots of reasons for wanting to learn to line dance. It is great physical exercise and an opportunity to socialize and make new friends. If you have never danced before don't worry because you don't need any previous experience. Just come along to one of our classes and you will be made very welcome.

Do not be put off after your first class because you will probably come away feeling totally confused. Don't worry because we all started as beginners and we have all had that feeling. It will probably take several weeks to become completely comfortable with a dance but during that time you will learn the basic line dance steps.

The basic steps - Many of the steps used in line dancing also occur in other forms of dance. Here are some of the steps which you will find in some of the beginner dances.

Kick Ball Change

Monterey Turn
Shuffle (triples, coaster steps, sailor step)
Jazz Box

Step touch, Step Locks, Rock Recover, Mambo Steps

Click on the links above to see videos showing the basic line dance steps. Don't worry about trying to learn all of these before you go to a line dance class because you will pick them up in time as you learn the various dances.

At our classes we cater for the beginner right through to the improver and intermediate dancer.  It is great to see many of our dancers coming each week to brush up on their steps. We try to keep right up to date and teach the latest dances.

You are welcome to join us any any of our line dance classes or at our weekly dance parties.

At our parties we dance to your requests.